Diako Mardanbegi

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School of Computing and Communications

Lancaster University

LA1 4WA, United Kingdom

+44 (0)1524510487

d.mardanbegi at lancaster.ac.uk


I’m a research associate in the Computing and Communications Department of Lancaster University. I'm currently working in the MODEM project (Monitoring of Dementia using eye movements) aiming to advance knowledge of the relationship of eye movement and dementia. I got my PhD in Information Technology from IT University of Copenhagen at 2013 where I was advised by Dan Witzner Hansen. In 2012 I worked at the University of Sao Paulo as a visiting researcher under the supervision of Carlos Morimoto . In 2014 I did an internship at FX Palo Alto Laboratory, Inc. (FXPAL, CA, US) working with Pernilla Qvarfordt. I'm also a member of the Eye Data Quality (EDQ) standardization subcommittee. Previously I studied my bachelor in Mechanical Engineering at Amirkabir University of Tehran, and my master in Biomechanical Engineering at Iran University of Science and Technology.

Research interest

My primary research interest consists of a combination of theoretical inquiry on eye tracking and gaze estimation from one side, and on the other, practical applications and devising novel ways which eye tracking can be pervasively used in every day life. I'm also generally interested in gaze interaction (in both real and virtual environment), human-computer interaction, computer vision & computer graphics.