Eye tracking (technology)

Part of my research is focused on improving the accuracy and robustness of eye trackers and to make them more accessible.

Haytham Gaze tracker
Open source gaze tracking software
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Gaze tracking in virtual reality
A gaze tracking module for Oculus Rift (DK1).
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Gaze interaction techniques


Eye-Based Head Gestures
A novel multimodal interaction technique that uses a combination of gaze and eye movements to infer head gestures.
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A calibration-free technique that enables users to interact with scrolling content and select a scrolling item without providing any explicit input.
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Magic pointing for eye-wear computers

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Everyday gaze-based human-computer interfaces

This project aims to employ HMGT to interact with real objects in the real-world physical environment without necessarily having a monitor and GUI. A user wearing a HMGT is able to control different objects in the environment directly just by looking at objects, eye movements and also gestures (e.g., head gestures). Besides controlling the objects, having the user's gaze pattern and what he/she pays attention to during the day (in a fully mobile situation) may provide unique information for the future home automation. In general, mobile gaze-based environment control in the context of house automation can help people to autonomously interact with smart environment by gaze.

H Eye interaction with moving robots
Different approaches for controlling vehicles using gaze are categorized based the knowledge of the system about the PoR and position of the vehicle in 3D space.
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Gaze + Hand gestures
Interaction with objects in the environment through an innovative combination of gaze and hand gestures using a set of gaze tracking glasses and a hand gesture recognition module.
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Gaze interaction with displays in 3D
Gaze for controlling multiple displays for fully mobile settings
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Controlling TVs with Gaze + Head gestures
Implementing the eye-based head gesture technique for controoling a TV
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Gaze and automotive UIs
An example application of the eye-based head gesture technique for interaction with car user interfaces
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