VOR-based depth estimation
Monocular Gaze Depth Estimation using the Vestibulo-Ocular Reflex
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The Unifying tool selection and application: the user visually aligns the menu’s tool with the target in line of sight.
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Post saccadic oscillations
Investigating various factors that affect post-saccadic eye movements recorded by video-based eye trackers.
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Monitoring of Dementia using eye movements.
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Gaze estimation errors in HNGTs
Characterizing four different sources of gaze estimation error and further investigating the error distribution of polynomial functions used for gaze estimation in head-mounted gaze trackers
Gaze + Pinch
Gaze + Pinch interaction technique integrates eye gaze to select targets in VR, and indirect freehand gestures to manipulate them.
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Wearable Personal Assistant
Implementation of the Wearable Personal Assistant concept using Google Glass to support surgeons and clinicians.
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Creating Gaze Annotations in Head Mounted Displays
Gaze Interactive Building Instructions
Digital gaze-controlled LEGO tutorial
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Gaze tracking on Google Glass
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A calibration-free technique that enables users to interact with scrolling content and select a scrolling item without providing any explicit input.
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Magic pointing for eye-wear computers

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Gaze tracking in VR
The first gaze tracking module for Oculus Rift (DK1).
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An Open Source Mobile Gaze Tracker on Android for Eyewear Computers
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Parallax error in head-mounted eye trackers

Parallax Error | Pupil Center
H Eye interaction with moving robots
Different approaches for controlling vehicles using gaze are categorized based the knowledge of the system about the PoR and position of the vehicle in 3D space.
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Gaze controlled laser gun
A pan tilt laser pointer is controlled by the user's gaze in a mobile setup where the user can move freely relative to the laser device.
Gaze + Hand gestures
Interaction with objects in the environment through an innovative combination of gaze and hand gestures using a set of gaze tracking glasses and a hand gesture recognition module.
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Controlling TVs with Gaze + Head gestures
Implementing the eye-based head gesture technique for controoling a TV
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Gaze and automotive UIs
An example application of the eye-based head gesture technique for interaction with car user interfaces
Eye-Based Head Gestures
A novel multimodal interaction technique that uses a combination of gaze and eye movements to infer head gestures.
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Gaze interaction with displays in 3D
Gaze for controlling multiple displays for fully mobile settings
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Haytham Gaze tracker
Open source gaze tracking software
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Dias Eye tracker
An affordable eye tracking solution for assistive purposes
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