Building blocks of gaze interaction in virtual and mixed reality (Unity code).
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Software for Analyzing Saccade Tests (Anti-saccade and Pro-saccade).
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Microsaccade Toolbox for Python

A python implementation for extracting micro-saccades in python based on the algorithm proposed by Engbert et al. (2006).
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PSOVIS: An interactive tool for extracting post-saccadic oscillations from eye movement data

A python code for extracitng post saccadic oscillations from eye movement data. It's currenlty tested on SR Eyelink 1000 tracker but it should work with the eye data recorded from other trackers.
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Python code for plotting stacked bar charts for Likert Scale questionnaire

I wrote a python code for plotting the results of a likert scale questionnaire for one of my recent user studies. I found the visualization very informative firstly because it immediately draws attention to how strongly respondents are about a question in different conditions, and secondly because it makes it very easy to see positive and negative responses and to get an overall feel for the results. There are already some libraries for R for generating similar plots but I didn’t find any library that does this in python. I thought it might be useful for some of you. So if you are a python guy and you want to make a similar plot in an HCI study, feel free to download the code and use it. It’s basically a function that takes your data as a csv file and plots the result.
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Haytham gaze tracking software

Haytham is an open source gaze tracker suited for head-mounted or remote setups. It provides real-time gaze estimation in the user’s field of view or in a computer display by analyzing eye movement. Haytham offers gaze-based interaction with computer screens in fully mobile situations. The software is built by C#, using Emgu and AForge image processing libraries.
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Besides the main gaze tracking software there are a bunch of client softwares for Haytham. Each client is desined for a specific need (e.g. interaction with TV, computers, and robots). Find the description and the download link for each client in the link below:
More Details and videos | Downlaod from SourceForge

GlassGaze: Gaze tracking app for Google Glass

GlassGaze is a client for the Haytham gaze tracker and an android app designed for Google Glass . This app allows you to do eye tracking and gaze tracking on Google Glass. It allows the Glass to know where exactly you are looking at inside the display and even in your field of view.
More Details | Downlaod from Github

EyeDroid: eye tracking on smart phones

EyeDroid is a mobile android platform eye tracking system designed to be used with a USB connected head mounted camera. EyeDroid receives video streaming from the user’s eye as input, process it on the smart phone device and sends the resulting gaze coordinates to networked clients.
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Photoshop actions for converitng images to animation

A set of photoshop actions for animating your photos in photoshop. I was inspired by the Plotograph software and the old Fantamorph project.
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